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A New Project!

2008-03-04 02:39:50 by Tazuwukei

Hey everybody, I've started a new project I'm calling "Best Undone"
I aim to make this a full music video 3 minutes in length heh..

Well, a preview screenshot for those that give a shit, toodles for now everybody. <3

A New Project!

My Plans

2008-02-29 16:10:43 by Tazuwukei

Eh seems like I'm going to take Graphic Arts for two years soon in college.. Got accepted and all, looks good, after that I'll probably take a 3 year animation course..

Right now I'm taking computer engineering, looks like I'm making a game in flash for one of my projects, so expect something funky! Oh also, my friends and I are developing our own MMORPG.. Which is kickass!

I also have been inspired thanks to a comment on here, this weekend I will most likely make another flash animation ^,.^ one about vampires perhaps.. ';..;'